What to wear on Casual Friday

What to Wear on Casual Friday

Casual Friday has become a weekly tradition is a large number of workplaces so it pays to be ‘in the know’ because ‘Casual Friday’ isn’t always so casual.

During my time working in an office I have seen so many examples of when casual Friday has gone drastically wrong.  I’m talking board shorts, denim shorts with sneakers (as in joggers), ripped jeans with a tank top and a caftan with thongs – I kid you not.

So what does it mean when they say ‘Casual Friday’?  There will be variations from workplace to workplace but it is generally safe to say that by casual they mean not corporate or smart casual – not what you wear to the shops on the weekend.

Is Denim ok for Casual Friday?

Jeans are ok in most workplaces but it’s best to check with a colleague before you wear them.  If you do wear jeans, distressed or ripped denim is never appropriate.  Darker denims look dressier than paler denims – so stick with dark blue, black or dark grey.  Pair your jeans with a blouse or a more formal top – if you put it with a tee or tank it will be far too casual.  In winter, boots over jeans is a suitable look, keep them below the knee at work.   I personally think that capri length is too casual – keep them full length.

A denim skirt can work quite nicely for casual Friday – once again stick with darker denims or you could opt for a white denim.

Relaxed blouses, embellished tees or tanks, middi skirts and sweaters are all great options.

Appropriate Footwear for Casual Friday….

Thongs or glorified thongs (thongs with some sort of embellishment stuck on) are not appropriate.  If you don’t want to wear heels then wear flats, or wedges.

Not sure if something is appropriate to wear or not?  Send me an email at Belinda@Partiespearlsandbeingprecious – I’d be happy to help!

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