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Wardrobe Essential: Jeans

Get your wardrobe basics sorted!

Jeans are more than just wardrobe basics.  They’re a wardrobe essential because they are a building block item.  Which means you can use them to build lots and lots of different outfits.

Before you groan at the thought of going shopping for jeans and go to click the little red x button – stick around for a few more minutes. Because I’m going to tell you why you need jeans and I’m going to take the pain out of shopping for jeans.

Still with me?

Jeans can used as the basis of casual and evening outfits.  Pair them with a white tee, cuff the hem and add some pool slides for a casual look. Or  pair them with a blouse, heels and a blazer for evening wear.  You can also put the blazer over a tee and jeans and team it with some heels for a casual chic look.

See how simple that is!

Why are Jeans Wardrobe Basics or a Wardrobe Essential?

The beauty of jeans is that they will go with almost every tee, tank and blouse that you own.  Which makes them one of the most versatile items that you will ever purchase.

Depending on your workplace guidelines, you can make them work for casual Friday. If you do go down this path you need to remember that distressed denim is great for the weekends but not suitable for work (ever).  It’s also good to note that darker denim looks dressier so I would advise sticking with darker shades for work.

How to shop for jeans

Always remember that pockets are important. Angled back pockets or back pockets that are placed higher will give a visual lift.  The horizontal whisker fading around the crotch will widen your hips and a mid-rise  rather than a low-rise will help fight the muffin top.

Which jeans should you be buying?

You should always pick a cut that compliments your body shape.  Check out the Body Shape Guide to find out your shape.

Pillar: Skinny jeans

Inverted Pyramid: Skinny jeans

Pyramid: Wide leg jeans with a flat front – look fora side or rear fastening.

Goblet: Low-rise slim straight leg jeans

Hourglass: Slim bootleg jeans

Pear: Bootleg jeans

Vase: Straight leg jeans

Bottle: Wide leg jeans


Happy shopping!

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