How to transition your summer wardrobe into autumn

How to Transition your Summer wardrobe into Autumn

Sunday marked the end of Summer so what does that mean for your wardrobe?  Whilst it may seem like you need to invest in a whole new wardrobe when the seasons change you really don’t.  This post will show you how to transition your Summer wardrobe into Autumn on the cheap!

I’ve got four simple tips that I promise will show you how to transition your Summer Wardrobe into Autumn.

1. Layer Up Baby!

Layering has been around for yonks – because it’s a stylish and functional way of dressing. You can layer up your summer clothes to create stylish Autumn looks – which won’t cost you a cent!  Layering works particularly well when you play with proportions – think loose items over tight.  So put a button down top on over the top of a fitted tank top or put a pair of leggings or tights on underneath that flow tunic or caftan.

2. Repurpose Your Maxis

The Maxi is a summer staple, but the love affair doesn’t have to end at the end of February.  A key look for the cooler months this year features the maxi skirt and maxi dress paired with blazers and slouchy knits.  A boyfriend blazer or a boxy blazer will work best, and the slouchy knit should be long – the hemline ending under the hip.

3. Stock Up on Tights

Tights are inexpensive and they are a great way to add some colour or patterns into your Autumn wardrobe.  For about $10-15 a pair you can add a multitude of outfit options to your existing pieces.  Try getting a few different types – black, grey, opaque and patterned.  Wear them with boots under your favourite summer skirts and dresses

4. Boots

If you don’t already have a some, now is the time to invest in a pair or two because they will see you through autumn and winter. If you can stretch the budget invest in a quality leather pair.  That way they will last you a few years which provides great value for money.  If you have a limited budget then head to K-mart, Target or Spendless Shoes – they have loads of options for a very reasonable price.  Wear them with tights under your summer skirts and dresses or with your jeans.

5. A Jacket

Invest in a jacket that will take you all the way from early Autumn to the end of Winter.  A great jacket will finish your Autumn ready outfits with style and keep you warm.

This season I’ll be looking for:

  • A leather jacket in a moto style – great for over dresses and with boyfriend jeans.
  • A military style jacket – perfect for skinnies and boots
  • A Blazer – a boxy style that has sleeves that I can roll up.
  • A soft trench in a neutral tone – like camel or grey.

So there you have it!  Five simple tips that will take you from Summer to Autumn without blowing the budget!

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