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Hi Lovely! Thanks for visiting my Pagan lifestyle blog, Parties, Pearls and Being Precious.

My name is Belinda and I created this blog to share my musings and learnings about the Goddess Lifestyle, otherwise known as the Pagan path. If you’re drawn to crystals and herbs or you’re seeking empowerment through spiritual practice then you’re in the right place.  This blog has been created just for you!

A few random facts about me: I love animals, nature, crystals, incense, candles, oracle cards, runes, shoes, fashion and norse mythology. Oh and I’ll love you forever if you bring me coffee and/or wine and cheese!

I’m also a career girl. I’ve spent the last fifteen years working hard to establish myself in the fields of strategic planning, health service planning, project management and marketing.

I’m really proud of my career but I have to admit it came at a cost to my personal life.  I struggled to find the balance between work and my innate feminine energy.  Following the Goddess Lifestyle has given me the tools to find that balance.

I share my experiences and knowledge through weekly blog posts. Sometimes we’ll be learning together – I’m a big fan of collective learning so please comment, share posts or email me with your thoughts and questions!

The Goddess Lifestyle gave me the balance I needed and I know it can do the same for you!

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Blessed Be.

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