Audit Your Wardrobe

How to Audit Your Wardrobe

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she opens the wardrobe and can’t find anything to wear.  Not for a lack of clothing but because she can’t find anything in her overcrowded mess that was once an organised wardrobe.  When this happens its time to Audit your Wardrobe.

Let’s be honest here – I have to do this a couple of times a year.  I realise that I have a shopping problem but I’m willing to bet that most of you will need to undertake this process at least once a year.

It’s a time consuming process but it doesn’t have to be painful….. well getting rid of clothing is always going to be painful for some of us but the reward of having an organised wardrobe is worth it – you can actually see the clothes you have so putting an outfit together becomes much, much easier!

If I were you, I’d set aside at least four hours to audit your wardrobe and buy a bottle of wine to help with the creative process…….. maybe two bottles.

Step 1

Pull everything out and put it on your bed.

Step 2

Organise the clothes into piles of type and colour .

Step 3

Examine each item.  Does it have any holes or pulls? If the answer is yes, can it be fixed?  If not, then it needs to go. When did you last wear it?  Are you likely to wear it again? If the answer is no, then it needs to go.

Step 4

Of the clothes you aren’t keeping – sort them into three piles.  One for the rubbish, one for donating and one for reselling.  Designer pieces or even regular clothing thats in good condition can be sold on eBay – it’ll help fund your new purchases!

Step 5

Review the space you have in your wardrobe.  Where is the best place for everything to fit?  Things that you wear regularly, like work clothes, need to be easily accessible.  Knits should be folded to avoid stretching and dresses should be hung with enough length to drop without creasing.

If you have a small wardrobe it might be worthwhile investing in some storage solutions like shoe inserts or stackable drawers.  Felt covered hangers are also a great option for maximising hanging space and they are also gentle on your garments.

Or consider using the wardrobe in another room for less frequently worn items.  In Summer you may choose to store your coats and heavy knits in storage boxes under your bed and then you can swap them over for your summery items in Winter.

Step 6

Start putting it all back in.  Organise by type and colour. So put all your skirts together and sort them by colour and do the same for your shirts, jackets, pants and dresses.

Step 7

Review what you have left.  Do you have all the basics covered or are there some gaps after the audit?  If there are then make a note of what you need and add it to your shopping list.

Step 8

Sit back and have a glass of wine – you nailed it!

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