Body Image

Body Image

Why is it Such a Constant Struggle

From a logical perspective I am well aware that constantly striving to be thinner and prettier is not rational.  In fact I know that it is quite unhealthy.  I also understand that only a very small percentage of the population are born with the height and bone structure of a ‘model’.

So why do I (we) continue to have such a negative body image?

I have been struggling with this issue a lot lately. I’ve put on quite a few kilos over the last two years and tried almost every diet (unsuccessfully) to lose them again.  As a result I feel very frumpy and self-conscious and I have at least two tantrums infant of the mirror each week while getting ready for work…..

Which is potentially an issue if you are running a lifestyle blog, because it’s a hobby that requires you to be in-front of a camera every once in a while.  Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not fishing for compliments here, quite the opposite actually.  I’m expressing my frustration around my own inability to be happy and confident in my own skin.

What’s even more frustrating is that I quite regularly spruik about dressing for your shape and being beautiful at any size.  Because I truly and deeply believe that, and express it with honesty…… in relation to everyone but myself.

Why do we link our confidence with our weight?

In my early twenties I struggled a lot with body image and confidence. So in my mid-late twenties I took control of my lifestyle and started eating healthily and exercising regularly.  I lost a substantial amount of weight and managed to maintain it for 4 years.

I really thought I had conquered my body image issues. But it would appear that my ‘confidence’ was coming from my ‘happy weight’.  It wasn’t true self-confidence at all.  It was me attaching my self-worth to a number on the scales.

So this time round I’m taking a different approach. I’m still actively making an effort to lose weight by eating well and going to the gym, but I’m going to add in a daily affirmation.  An affirmation about self-acceptance and positive body image.

“I am an intelligent, independent, successful and kind person, and that is what I see when I look in the mirror.  I am happy and confident within myself and I understand my true self-worth is not measured in kilograms”

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