Work Bags for Women in Business

The Best Work Bags for Women in Business

What to Look For in a Work Handbag

Ideal work bags for women should be stylish and functional.  It should go with the majority of your office wardrobe, and remain stylish over multiple seasons.  There is no point shelling out on a fabulous bag in this season’s colour that will date in a few months.  Versatile shades that last the test of time are black, white/cream, grey, tan and khaki.

It has to be functional because we spend 70% of our week at work. To go to work we need our ‘stuff’.  Our ‘stuff’ is all of those things that we need to get us through a day in the office.  My ‘stuff’ includes my wallet, phone, make-up, lunch, snacks, water bottle, iPad, MacBook, sunglasses, glasses, emergency kit, panadol and occasionally a pair of flats/heels to change shoes during the day.  So before you go shopping make a list of your ‘stuff’  because you will need a bag that can fit all of your ‘stuff’ in it comfortably.

Work Bags for Women: Check the Details…..

Look for a bag with quality finishings like as hardware.  The zippers should move freely; buttons well attached; external stitching should be neat with no loose stitches; and quality lining.  Bags with cheap hardware and finishings will deteriorate and start to look tatty in a short time. You are looking for quality here not quantity.

If you invest wisely your work bag will take you from the office to cocktails for many years – so do your research and choose wisely!

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