Body Shape Guide

The Vase Body Shape

Build Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe

In this edition of the Body Shape Series it’s all about the Vase Body Shape.  To find out if you are a Vase Body Shape read the Body Shape Guide.

Top Tips for Dressing a Vase Body Shape

  1. As a Vase you should avoid clothes with ruffles or fussy details and try to use shapes that compliment your curves and show off those legs of yours!
  2. Also try to avoid turtle necks, smock style dresses or baggy clothes and ruffles on blouses or shirts – all of these will make you appear far bigger than you are.

A Vase Body Shape capsule collection should include:

Square neck tops in subtle patterns or plain block colours.  The square neck will compliment your bust line without creating too much cleavage.

A fitted blouse with short sleeves and a tailored vest to flatter your waistline and the shorter sleeves create balance in the silhouette.  If you can’t find a blouse that fits you properly take it to a dress maker to get it altered professionally.

A single button jacket with open lapels will compliment the curves of your figure.

V-neck midi dress – you have amazing curves so flaunt them!

A Pencil Skirt, preferably with a high waist.  You have the perfect figure for the pencil skirt – a narrow waist, curvaceous hips and long legs. The hem should finish just below the knee to emphasise the shape of the skirt.

Straight leg slacks – try to avoid front pockets or side pockets that don’t sit completely flat.

Straight leg or Skinny Jeans.  Choose the one you feel most comfortable in.

When choosing footwear try to avoid chunky styles.  Peep toe heels and almond toes work well for your height and frame.


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