The Female Entrepreneur Collective is a network for business women.

At the moment we have a private Facebook group set up for women in business to join (free of charge).  There are themes for each day of the week which have been designed to help you focus on promoting your business effectively.

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We’ll be launching a members only website for The Female Entrepreneur Collective (TFEC) soon so stay tuned!

The founder of TFEC is Belinda Jacobson.  Belinda is also the blogger behind Parties, Pearls and Being Precious.  She has a degree in communications (majoring in Public Relations), over 10 years of experience in marketing and strategic planning, is a trained fashion stylist and has been successfully blogging for a few years now.

Oh and she’s also a self proclaimed feminist (loud and proud baby!).

More About The Female Entrepreneur Collective…..

It’s a vibrant and supportive community full of women in business – just like you.

Starting a business (or a blog) is exciting! But it can also be stressful and scary.  As a result, a lot of women shy away from starting a business or quit after a short time.  Which is why I created TFEC!  I hope that it helps to reduce your stress, and makes your business challenges less of a nightmare!

Because I know that women can do great things in business when they have the right support.

Most of all, we support each other when we need it most. Further more, we keep each other accountable and encourage each other to reach for the stars.

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Your stylish life is only one click away

Belinda Jacobson

Feminist | Career Girl | Fashion Lover | Shoe Addict | Witchcraft



Your stylish life is only one click away


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