Snapchat | How to Use It and Who to Follow


How to Use it and Who to Follow

Howdy future snapchatter.  I say that because if you’re not already on snapchat you will be by the end of this post.

So what is snapchat?  It’s a social media platform that has been designed to emulate face-to-face interaction as closely as possible.    You take photos, videos, or send chat messages to your contacts that are only available to view once or for 24 hours if you choose to add it to your story.

Why You Need Snapchat

You need snapchat, because it provides you with the perfect platform to connect authentically.  You can take snaps of your daily antics and share them with your community, knowing that even if it’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done they’ll only be able to see if for 24 hours.   By giving your community access to you, in the flesh, no filter (as in behavioural filter), no staging (ala Instagram), you’re giving them a ‘backstage’ pass to your life.  If that’s not authentic then I don’t know what is!

How to Get The Snapchat App

The Snapchat App lives on your smartphone.  So head to the iTunes store or Google Play store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be promted to create an account – fill in the boxes and you’re ready to start snapping.

How to Use Snapchat

You can take photos, video and chat messages.  Please note: the tips below have been developed for the iPhone platform.


  • tap the camera icon in the top right
  • if you want to apply a face filter ( the puppy ears, flower crown etc) make sure the camera is on selfie mode, tap and hold on your face which will bring the filter options up down the bottom near the shutter button – swipe right and left to select your chosen filter
  • strike a pose
  • tap the shutter button bottom centre of the screen
  • choose your timer by tapping the icon in the bottom left
  • apply a geo-filter (if you want one) by swiping to the right.
  • hit the arrow bottom right to send it to a specific contact or tap the square with a plus sign to save it to your snapchat story for 24 hours.


  • you can select a face filter for video footage too using the same process outlined above.
  • to take a video rather than a photo you tap and hold the shutter button – a red ring will start to form around the shutter button, when it connects the maximum time has been reached.
  • choose your timer by tapping the icon in the bottom left
  • hit the arrow bottom right to send it to a specific contact or tap the square with a plus sign to save it to your snapchat story for 24 hours.

Chat Messages

  • tap the icon in the top left hand corner
  • select the contact you want to chat with
  • type and send!

Snapchatters to Follow

There are loads of great accounts to follow on Snapchat.  As with all social media start with your personal contact and friends. The other  people you choose to follow will reflect your own personal preferences.  The accounts I’ve listed below are ones that I personally love, so hopefully they’ll provide you with a taste of the snapchat life!

Ashy Bines

username: Ashybines1

If you want to see how snapchat should be done – follow Ashy.  If you were caught up in the whole online hate against her then you really need to watch it – she is a lovely person and her snapchat is always entertaining.  She’s like the fitness version of the Kardashians (so obvs I was going to fall in love with her!).

The Merry Maker Sisters

username: themmsisters

I adore these girls – they’re fun, genuine, happy and they create super delicious and healthy recipes.

The Kardashians

usernames: kylizzlemynizzl KourtneyKardash KimKardashian KhloeKardashian KendallJenner

Why? Because they’re the Kardashians and I have a mildly tragic obsession with them. Plus they’re kind of funny and it’s more current then waiting for KUWTK to come out!!

Sara Donaldson – Harper and Harley

username: harperandharley

She’s über stylish and has the life we all dream about – full time fashion blogger jetting around the world.  I love her behind the scenes clips and love getting sneak peaks at whats trending.

Belinda Jacobson (thats’ me!)

username: BelindaJacobs0n (yes thats a numeral 0 for the last ‘o’)

I love connecting with our tribe members in any and every way possible – I just love you guys!  So I’d love to connect with you on snapchat and see what you get up to everyday!

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