Wicca or Pagan Altar

Am I Pagan and What is Wicca?

Is Wicca really about worshiping the devil?

My fascination with the Pagan religion (Wicca) started back in high school.  I spent a bit of time at my local library trawling through their reference books on the topic.  They were so scarce and a probably taboo that you couldn’t even check them out.  So I used to hide in one of the study booths and pour over the pages religiously….. pun intended.

Sadly, a few of the girls at school caught wind of my fascination and started spreading rumours about me.  Stuff like I was a witch and I was hexing them all in secret.  Typical Mean Girl behaviour really.  But at 13 years old I didn’t have the courage and bravery to back myself and continue with my studies.

Fast forward a few years to my early twenties and my fascination with Wicca was awakened.

I found a copy of Fiona Horne’s first book and I loved it.  So I read her second book and loved it too.  I started darling and researching some more but once again my studies were disrupted.  My ex-partner made me feel like a crackpot so I backed away from my studies again.  Knowing what I know now, he was just determined to make me feel inferior no matter what.  It had nothing to do with Wicca.  Hindsight truly is a marvellous thing!

I didn’t shelve my fascination completely though.  During the last ten or so years I’ve also read a few books about the history of Christianity and the similarities in key dates to a much older religion – Paganism.  Also known as Wicca.  It’s fascinating to think that humanity went from such a gentle religion that recognised men and women as equal and important parts and the significance of the earth, to a religion that burnt thousands of women at the stake and still diminishes a woman’s role in our society.  Couple that with the fact that celebrations like Easter and Christmas are actually based on lunar cycles and pagan soltices and the concept of Christianity starts to crumble.  Well it does for me anyway.

So now in my early thirties I’m having yet another crack at studying Wicca.

I’m coming out of the broom closet and making my studies public.  I’m looking forward to sharing that journey with you and all the while hoping that those who disagree with my pursuits are capable of letting me live my beliefs in piece as I allow them to.  I do realise that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so I’ve created a dedicated email list for my Wicca articles. You can join it by filling in your details below.



Your wiccan life is only one click away

There’s just one more thing I want to clear up in this first post about Wicca.  It’s not a satanic cult.  Wiccan’s or Pagans do call themselves witches but they don’t worship the devil and spend their time hexing people.  I’ll be sharing a lot more about what Wicca or the Pagan religion is over the next few months so stay tuned!

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