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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

The number of social media platforms is constantly growing. So it’s important to choose the platforms that work best for your brand and focus on them consistently.  Consistently focusing on one or two platforms will produce a better result than scattering your efforts across all of them.

Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and video clips.  It’s a fabulous for establishing your brand visually and connecting with your target market through visual media.

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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

I’ll be honest, I’m still quite new to Instagram (I’m not one of those people with 100K+ followers). But I’ve grown my Instagram Followers from less than 2000 to almost 10,000 in a few short months using a couple strategies.

Use Instagram Hashtags

Research relevant hashtags for your niche and research the most popular or trending hashtags.  A free app like Tags For Likes provides the daily popular hashtags for various niches.  It’s well worth the download if it helps you get your photo in front of someone willing to double-tap or follow.

Don’t put your hashtags in the photo caption.  Always put your hashtags in the first comment after the caption.  Cluttering your caption with a gazillion hashtags is never a good look.  As people begin to comment on your photo the hashtags will be hidden – another positive of posting them in the first comment.

Post Consistently

Try to post content regularly and consistently.  I would recommend aiming for once a day.  Obviously there will be times that you aren’t able to post every day but try to be as consistent as possible. Avoid posting multiple images straight after one another.  It’s the Instagram equivalent of SPAM. It annoys people and generally leads to them unfollowing your account.

Be Visually Consistent

When a potential follower visits your account, they will see your profile caption and your last nine images.  So you want to make sure they leave a lasting impression.  If you’re using Instagram filters – stop now.  Download an editing app like VSCO and use that instead.  VSCO allows you to edit exposure, contrast, saturation, skin tone, tint and apply a custom filter.  Have a play with the levels and find a look that your like and then apply the same presets to every single image that you post.

Create an Informative Instagram Profile Caption

It should tell people what you’re all about, and what sort of images they can expect to see in your feed.  I think it’s advisable to include your location and your email address if you’re interested in working with brands – but ultimately that’s your decision.  Include a call to action and a link to your website – it’s your only clickable link on Instagram so make sure your followers want to click it!


Post When Your Audience is Most Active

Do some research about when your audience is online most frequently and try to align them with your posting times.  This is especially important now that Instagram has changed the algorithm that determines which photos people see in their feed.  The following tools can be used to identify the best times to post content:

Identify Similar Accounts in Your Niche

Why?  Because the people who follow those accounts will most likely find your account appealing as well!  Use Iconosquare to view your competitors followers and target them by liking three images and commenting on two images.  Make sure the comments are genuine and specific – none of those generic ‘nice’ or thumbs up comments, which are fake and annoying. The whole point of social media is to engage with people and if you do it in a fake way then they won’t want to engage with you at all.

Other Useful Instagram Tools

Crowdfire: A smartphone app that enables you to track follows and unfollows, and schedule your instagram posts ahead of time.

Instafollow: A smartphone app that tracks follows and unfollows.

Instagress: an autobot program that can be set to automatically follow, unfollow accounts based on parameters you set and automatically like photos and post comments based on your specifications.  Whilst this tool can be useful it should be used with caution. As I mentioned above social media is meant to be engaging, not robotic.  All of those annoying comments that consist of ‘love this one’ or ‘nice’ or ‘best of the day’ or a thumbs up emoji are more than likely programmed by Instagress or something similar and people can tell it’s a bot so be very careful what you’re prepared to outsource.

Well there you have it – my tips and tricks for how to increase your Instagram Followers.  I hope you have found them informative and actionable!
Are you on Instagram?  Leave your username in the comments below – I’d love to connect with you.

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