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Build Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe

Welcome to the next edition of the Body Shape Series!  This week I’m focusing on the Hourglass body shape.  To find out if you’re an Hourglass Body Shape read the Body Shape Guide.

Top Tips for Dressing an Hourglass Body Shape

  1. As an hourglass it is crucial that you get professionally fitted for a supportive bra. If you don’t then none of your clothes will ever look quite right.
  2. Avoid chunky knits, fussy tops and blouses (ruffles and bows are not flattering for you), and don’t try to ‘cover’ your curves – you will just end up looking bigger than you are (#GirlsWorstNightmare).
  3. Embrace your curves, tailoring and belts are your friend. If you are confident enough body con dresses and skirts will ooze femininity on your curvaceous frame.

An Hourglass Body Shape capsule collection should include:

V-neck shirts and fine sweaters, even cardigans.  The v-neck compliments your bust line and helps to square out your shoulders.  Any sweaters or knits that you purchase should be fine and delicate – never chunky.

A tailored blouse because blouses are tricky for hourglasses.  It is best to look for a blouse that is fitted under the bust or if you can’t find one like that opt for a blouse that fits you at the bust comfortably and get it tailored to suit your waist.  I promise you that the tailoring will be worth every penny!

Straight leg slacks that fit at your waist and don’t pull across your hips.  A low-rise straight leg pair of slacks with no pockets should work well, as will a pair of high-waisted Palazzo Pants.  If you get a pair of palazzo pants, make sure they fit just right. By that I mean fitted at the waist, skimming over the hip and bum and falling fluidly in a straight line to your ankles.

A fitted dress that highlights and elongates the waist.  Hourglasses have a small but short waist so you want highlight the waist whilst trying to elongate it to even out your proportions.

A pencil skirt because your small waist and sexy hips make the pencil skirt perfect for your physique.

A tailored two button jacket because the extra button will help to elongate the waist.  Choose a jacket that has lapels with an open neck, finishing just past the start of the hip bones.

Bootleg Jeans because the subtle flare will help to balance out your hips and thighs.  If you’re quite slim and like to emphasise your shape then go for a black skinny leg jean – paired with heels it will help to elongate your legs.

Pointed to pumps to elongate your legs to help balance your shape.


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