Body Shape Guide

Why do stylists keep talking about ‘body shapes’? Well, when you know your shape, you can pick clothing that makes you look good.  Which is where this Body Shape Guide comes in handy.  Body shape is about proportion, not size or weight.  So no matter what size you are or what you weigh if you identify your body shape you can choose clothes that complement it.

There are many schools of thought about body shapes – lots of different names and systems are floating around in fashion land.  It can be hard to make head or tails of it all so I’m going to make it as simple as possible. There are the four basic body types of pillar, hourglass, pear and apple, which are great start but they don’t cover everyone.

They don’t account for slight differences in leg shape and the distance between the bust and hips. I classify body shapes using 8 body shape types, which ensures all variables that could effect how your clothes fit are accounted for.

What Body Shape Are You?

Pillar Your shoulders and hips are the same width, your legs are proportionately longer than your torso and the difference between your hip width and waist is slight if any.

Inverted Pyramid You have broad shoulders, a modest bust line, long slender legs and narrow hips.

Goblet Similar to the inverted pyramid you have broad shoulders, long slender legs and narrow hips but you also have a substantial bust.

Pyramid You have small shoulders, modest bust, thin and short (distance between bust and waist) waist and shapely legs.

Hourglass You have an ample bust line, a small and short waist, ample hips to balance out your bust and shapely legs.

Vase Similar to an hourglass with an ample bust and hips to match but a vase has a long slim waist and slender legs.

Pear You have a modest bust,  long waist line, curvaceous hips and shapely legs.

Bottle Quite similar to the Pear, but your shoulders are considerably narrower than your curvaceous hops and you have a shorter waistline.