5 Way You Can Make Money Blogging

5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Monetise Your Blog and Go Full-time!

Blogging is a wonderfully satisfying hobby, but there are ways to make it a profitable hobby.  I’m going to show you 5 ways to make money blogging that you can start implementing straight away.

Every successful blogger I know has multiple income streams.  What does that mean I hear you say? It means they don’t rely on just one source of income on their blogs.  They have multiple ways that they earn money, including these 5 ways to make money blogging. So grab a pen and paper or pin this article if that’s more your style, and get ready to learn how to monetise your blog.

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Monetise Your Blog

1. Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales are when you sell a product that you didn’t create or purchase as stock.  Affiliate programs are widely used by bloggers.  The size and types of affiliate programs vary but the format is mostly the same.  The affiliate program you join will provide you with unique links to include in your content creation. If a customer from your website clicks the link and then completes a purchase you  earn a commission from the sale.

  • Some examples you may have seen before include Reward Style – commonly used by fashion and style bloggers to link to products featured in posts.
  • Amazon – used by loads and loads of bloggers (Amazon sell lots of stuff!).
  • eCourses – some successful eCourse providers offer an affiliate program to students who have graduated from their courses.

Affiliate sales are a great way to monetise your blog – most bloggers don’t rely on affiliate sales alone but they are a key part of the 5 ways to make money blogging.

2. Make Money Blogging with Sponsored Posts

Most new bloggers think that this is the most lucrative way to monetise a blog. I can understand why you think that, the big bloggers (think Harper and Harley, Shine by Three and Chronicles of Her etc) get paid thousands of dollars for a single blog post.  But in reality the liklihood of nabbing on of those deals as a new blogger is unlikely.  What’s even more unlikely is that you’ll have a steady stream of them lined up to consistently pay the bills.

Don’t get me wrong, I think sponsored blog posts are great.  Especially when the product resonates with the blog brand.  I’m just saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

3. Make Money Blogging with Direct Ad Sales

Ad banner sales is probably where the concept of monetising your blog started.  Essentially you sell real estate (space) on your website to businesses who want to reach your readers.  The price you charge is based on the volume of traffic your site draws and the placement on your website.

4. Make Money Blogging with Ad Networks

Ad networks do all the grunt work for you – they do the hard selling and you get to reap the benefits.  Well, you will occasionally get a dollar or two but you’re not having to do any work for it so why not give it a go!

Usually you sign up to the network and they provide you with a html code to insert on your blog in a set position (usually the side bar or in the banner above your top menu) and then they place adverts as they become available.

Generally you get paid when someone clicks the advert. It’s not a big money maker but every dollar counts! There are loads of them out there – I personally use Nuffnang but a quick google search will present you with plenty of options.

5. Make Money Blogging with eProducts

I’ve saved the best until last.  So hopefully you’re still here and reading!  Making your own eProducts is the most secure and risk free way to monetise your blog.  eProducts are things like eBooks, eCourses, online coaching services, template downloads – the possibilities are endless.

The beauty of an eProduct is that it can be sold at all times of the day – as long as your website is up and running.  You own the product (you made it duh!) and you own the platform so no sneaky algorithm changes or commission structure changes are going to interfere with your income plan.

There you have it – 5 ways to make money blogging. Are you interested in becoming a full time blogger in just 12 months time? (You’d be mad not to say yes to that one by the way……) Click this text find out about the Bloggers MBA – I’m an alumni and I loved the course, I had so many lightbulb moments.

Belinda Jacobson


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